What is Mercury?

An engaging, mobile-ready, out of the box Intranet

A centre stage for your latest news, announcements, events and more

An extension of your brand, business values and personality

An enabler to remote working from any device

Mercury, the ready-to-go Intranet solution, built to Microsoft Best Practice allows your business to reap the benefits that an Intranet brings at a fraction of the time and cost.


“Mercury has been a key enabler in our success. The feature rich components allow cost effective and timely delivery”

Mark Rollins – Programme Director, Ntegra


Whatever your vision for your new Intranet, we can get you up and running using Mercury in 5 simple steps.

Gather and understand your requirements

Build your Information Architecture

Brand, tailor and deploy Mercury

Train your Users and Content Editors

Provide on-going support for your new Intranet

Mercury can get you there faster by providing you with an Intranet containing our proven and successful features specifically designed for Office 365 and On-Premises environments.

It's smart. It's simple

Search Smart

Mercury brings you an Intranet powered by search that is fast, efficient and easy-to-use, reducing the time your colleagues spend looking for information. Intuitive People Search connects employees to one another, enabling more effective collaboration.

Fully Responsive Design

Mercury looks great on mobile devices. It enables remote working, giving your employees access to your Intranet, anytime, anywhere.

Updates at a Glance

Mercury latest news, announcements and events take centre stage, giving your employees a real time view of what’s happening in and around your business. Share Price, Surveys, IT Service Status, Popular Documents and other useful information can be displayed.

Your Intranet, Your Brand

Mercury is an extension of your brand. Our flexible UI and themes allow your Intranet to be tailored to fit your vision and values. Our easily customisable accelerators take all the hard work out of designing, building and implementing your Intranet.

Engage your Employees

Mercury increases employee engagement through personalised features, interactive surveys, discussions and news feeds. Additional functionality allows your Intranet to highlight employee achievements.

Fresh Content

Mercury empowers your Content Editors to create content quickly and easily, making it easier than ever to keep your Intranet up-to-date.

Responsive Design

Mercury looks great on mobile devices. It enables remote working giving your employees access to your Intranet anytime, anywhere.

From the comfort of their mobile device, your users can get a realtime view of what’s happening in and around your business. Intuitive People Search allows employees to connect with one another.

Navigation across all of your Intranet sites is provided through our ‘Mega Menu’ which has been restyled specifically for mobile devices.

Responsive View of Mercury
How Do I Front Page

How Do I

How Do I is a feature packed Knowledge base/FAQ for SharePoint and Office 365.

How Do I enables employee self-service by giving your users access to frequently asked questions and information they need to do their job in an easy-to-use location.

This helps your business reduce overheads, improve onboarding/recruitment and reduce calls to your service desk (keeping your IT Department happy).

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