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10 ways your intranet can help you during a crisis

03 Jun 2020

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With the whole world in standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 will probably be labelled as one of the strangest years on record. If we have learnt anything from COVID-19 it is that we always need to be prepared. Therefore it is important to have the correct tools in place so that your business can overcome any challenges in the face of a crisis.  

You probably wouldn’t think that your intranet could become your new best friend during a pandemic, but with it’s numerous tools and capabilities, there has never been a better time to utilise your intranets features. 

That’s why we have highlighted 10 ways that your intranet can help you during a crisis. 

10 Ways Your Intranet Can Help You During A Crisis

1) Create a crisis management area

Creating a content area on your intranet that is dedicated to crisis management can provide a centralised area where employees can transfer information, ask questions and share potential scenarios relating to the crisis. 

It also provides a point of contact for employees to keep in the loop with important company updates and clear up any potential anxieties surrounding the future of the business.


2) Implement employee alert systems

Alerts should be your number one communication tool during a crisis, as they are a great way to share important company updates and information across your organisation. 

Used sparingly, alerts can be a really effective way of grabbing your users attention. This is why you should only use your alerts to notify your users about important information they need to be aware of.

Using alerts too frequently can damage your employees attention span and lead them to ignore important future messages.


3) Utilise your intranet analytics

Utilise your intranet analytics to measure which areas of your intranet are being accessed the most, which posts are engaging well with your audience and monitor what information is being shared across your social channels.

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4) Pre record videos and webinars

It’s time for your managers and directors to start capturing mood boosting content!

With your employees spending on average 100 minutes per day watching video content online, there has never been a more effective way to connect with your audience. 

Producing pre recorded video or webinar content that conveys positive messages can be a great way to boost employee morale and keep them motivated during these uncertain times.

5) Use your social features

With 45% of the world’s population currently using social media channels, there is a good chance that your employees will be using them too. So why not take this as an opportunity to demonstrate how your social features such as Yammer and Microsoft Teams can be used as a tool for two-way communication. 

Encouraging your employees to use your intranets social features will greatly improve collaboration within the workplace. Try creating a hashtag which encourages employees to engage with one another. An example could be #mondaymotivation or #wednesdaywisdom. 

Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Remember, social channels are meant for easy and quick conversations.

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6) Create a company reward scheme

Now that most of your employees are working remotely, building a positive workplace culture may seem rather difficult. 

Use your intranet to recognize your employees contributions to the organisation by rewarding them with badges, shout-outs on social and employee of the week news features. If your organisation uses Microsoft Teams you can use the ‘praise’ option to create positive reinforcement whilst your employees are working from home.


7) Make sure your policies are accessible and up to date

Ensuring that your employees are up to date with the latest company policies and procedures is essential during a crisis. Provide useful links to your document management system which gives employees quick and easy access to contact information and policies regarding remote working.


8) Provide consistent employee support

Providing a space on your intranet where employees can contact you for support should be at the forefront of your crisis management strategy. 

The employee support hub can be used to address employee concerns, provide a place for work from home policies and all other essential resources. 


9) Maintain your employees health & well being

During these worrisome times your employees may need some extra support. Why not use your intranet to create additional space for health and wellbeing. Here you can provide your employees resources and help sheets to encourage them to protect their mental health. 

Mind provides a range of resources to support business during the pandemic including wellness action plans  that you can share with your employees though your new health and wellbeing section on your intranet!


10) Create fun social activities

As many of our social activities have been restricted it is important that your employees are exposed to a range of resources to help keep them entertained whilst locked indoors.

Create online video call quizzes, online movie nights or even a digital happy hour on a Friday night so that your employees have something to look forward to after work. 

Let Our Mercury intranet help you during a crisis

If you’re looking for an intranet solution to help you during the pandemic then contact us today to learn more about how Mercury can provide you with a digital workplace solution. Our team of experts can get you up and running with Mercury within just a few days!





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