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8 reasons why your HR department needs an intranet

11 Jun 2020

Why your hr department needs an intranet

Why your hr department needs an intranet

While an intranet can be used in any area of your business, your Human Resources (HR) department stands to benefit the most. Why? Because they both share one common goal – to keep employees happy, productive and engaged within the workplace. 

If you want your business to be successful then you need to focus on it’s most important asset (employees), and that means providing your HR department with the tools they need to optimise your company’s performance. Anything that can be used to make your HR department more efficient is something to focus on, and that’s where an intranet has its benefits. 

In this article, we have written 8 reasons why your HR department needs an intranet and how it can be used to optimise your businesses performance. These include:

  1. Support employees within the digital workplace
  2. Create an internal brand 
  3. Mange important company policies and procedures
  4. Provide employees with online training and resources
  5. Support remote workers 
  6. Cut down on administration 
  7. Internal recruitment 
  8. Monitor employee performance 

To find out more about the benefits than an intranet can bring to your HR department continue reading below. 


1) Promote your brand internally

You probably associate the word ‘brand’ with your customers and how you can use it to persuade them to buy more of what you sell. But a brand is much more than that. 

In fact, your brand is made up of both intrinsic and extrinsic values that should be used to promote the internal mission, vision and goals of your company; as well external values such as the brands offering. 

Why is internal marketing so important for your business? Because it’s an opportunity to communicate with your employees and boost their company loyalty and engagement with the brand. According to recent research, employee advocacy helped shorten the sales cycle and increased company revenue streams. 

Implementing an intranet can help your HR department build a consistent company story and align HR, leadership and corporate communication teams around the same narrative. When employees buy in, so do your customers. 

An intranet like Mercury allows HR departments to build pixel perfect representations of their brand and communicate with their audience through news feeds, social features and much more! 


2) Manage important company policies and documents


For HR departments, managing important company policies and documents is just another responsibility to add to their very long list. Without the correct technology in place, handling company files can sometimes seem impossible to manage.

The advantage of implementing an intranet in your HR department is that it reduces the time it takes for you to manage documents, meaning you have more time left for important responsibilities such as taking care of your employees. 

Document management systems like docCentrum help simplify the management of important documents, as well as providing other features such as document creation, tracking, compliance and personalised task delivery, so that your HR department can remain efficient and organised when it comes to managing important company policies and documents.


3) Provide employees with online training


One of the main responsibilities for a HR department is to provide employees with online training to support their professional development. This means, employees need a platform where they can easily access training, resources, and information. 

According to research, over 55% of employees consider career growth and opportunity more important than salary, so it’s important that you provide staff with the right resources they need if you want competitive advantage. 

But with many organisations now working remotely, providing employees with face to face training can seem like a challenge. 

Installing a HR intranet can take away this headache by providing your team with a platform to easily assign individualised training content, group tasks, and a social community where they can offer one another support.


4) Easily support remote workers


With many organisations now working remotely, it can be difficult for managers and HR to adapt. Especially if the correct tools are not in place to help them manage employees efficiently.

With over 70% of remote workers saying that they feel ‘left out’ of the workplace company culture, you need to establish a connection between your remote employees and the HR department if you want to increase satisfaction, productivity and collaboration within the digital workplace. 

With so many tools and features available, an intranet has many advantages when it comes to remote working, all of which can make working remotely a streamlined and more efficient process. 

Intranets like Mercury have built in social features which allows your HR department to share files and documents online, communicate, manage and collaborate on projects, provide employee support and much more!

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5) Cut down on administration tasks


Unfortunately, many HR departments do not have the correct tools in place to help them handle administration tasks. So keeping track of everything can often seem time consuming and impossible to manage. 

Proving your HR department with digital tools, workflows and processes that can reduce time-consuming responsibilities will allow them to focus on other important tasks such as improving the employee experience. 

By investing in a digital workplace solution, you’re providing your HR department with the resources to manage time efficiently, reduce costs and maximise returns.


6) Enhance the internal recruitment process


One of the main responsibilities of a HR department is to ensure that they fill every open position within the company with the talent they need to successfully run the daily operations of the business. 

With the talent pool decreasing in size, many HR departments have changed their hiring strategy by promoting and developing candidates from within the organisation. But without the digital tools in place to support this process, internal recruitment can seem more of a challenge. 

Intranets like Mercury provide a range of features which can support your HR departments recruitment process. The ‘job board’ is just one example of an intranet feature which can be used to publicise current internal vacancies within the organisation.


7) Monitor employee performance 


Monitoring employee performance is crucial to company success and for developing employee skills and talent to reach the organisations future goals

However, with many HR departments using outdated technology and methods to measure employee performance, their results fail to reflect how modern employees operate and how they desire to succeed

A well developed HR intranet like Mercury makes monitoring employee performance simple. With features such as performance management charts and feedback surveys, your HR department can efficiently track and monitor employee performance from one easy to use, accessible place. 

8) Support employees within the digital workplace 

Due to COVID-19 many of our employees are now working remotely, which makes having a digital workplace solution even more important. 

By using an intranet, your HR department can deliver your employees the correct tools and information they need to perform their roles effectively and efficiently whilst away from the office.  

The best intranets are not ones that aim to replace current HR systems but to support them with their daily duties and to make their job role easier. Creating an online space where employees can remain connected to the company during times of crisis enables your HR department to provide employees with daily support and information regarding the future of the company.

Intranets: the solution to all of your HR departments problems

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! Now that you know the many advantages that an intranet can bring to your HR department, you may be considering whether implementing a digital workplace solution is the right step for your business. Request a Free Mercury intranet demo or speak to one of our intranet experts to discuss your business requirements.


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