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Using social intranet software to manage remote employees

19 Jun 2020

How to manage remote employees with social intranet software

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 remote working has become the new norm for many of us – and it’s probably here to stay. 

With 80% of employees saying that they would like to work from home at least part time, offering remote opportunities is an attractive way to create productive workers. 

While there are many ways to manage remote employees, implementing a social intranet like Mercury makes this obstacle a lot easier to climb. 

In this blog post, we discuss what a social intranet is and how you can use it to manage your remote employees.

What is social intranet software?

A social intranet is a modern response to a traditional intranet and incorporates a range of different social features – like, tagging, blogging, sharing, and commenting – to allow for easy and effective communication and collaboration within the digital workplace. 

What makes a social intranet so powerful is its ability to increase productivity through communication by simply adapting to employees modern ways of working.

Social intranets like Mercury have a range of features which allow employees to communicate and collaborate on projects whilst working remotely. Take a look at how Mercury’s features can help your organisation manage remote employees.  

1) You can communicate with employees quickly and easily

Did you know that on average 121 emails are sent and received each day? That’s a lot of information for your employees to get through! 

That’s why social intranets like Mercury provide instant chat features so that you can instantly communicate with your employees without having to use email. 

A well built social intranet like Mercury makes it much easier to spark two way conversations and idea sharing which results in greater productivity.

2) You can share important files and documents



Implementing an intranet means that you can provide employees with an online location to access and store important company documents and information. This is a particularly useful feature for remote employees who need to quickly access information when away from the office. 

Intranets like Mercury also have special built in features that allow you to track and monitor important documents so you can see what information is being accessed the most.

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3) You can manage projects from anywhere


Managing projects can be a difficult task especially when you do not have the correct tools in place to get the job done correctly. If you don’t have a method for tracking projects, then it’s more than likely that the project will become difficult to manage.

Mercury social intranet solves this issue by providing you a space to easily manage projects from beginning to end. With its range of different project management tools such as assigning employee roles, tracking, comment posting, and project updates, you can manage tasks even when you’re away from the office. Collaboration has never been more simple!


4) You can use the calendar feature


Managing remote employees can be a difficult task for managers, especially when they need to arrange important company meetings. 

Mercury intranet can help you with this issue by providing your company with a platform to schedule and share meetings with employees freely and with ease. Because social intranet software allows you to access members both personal and shared calendars, you can easily see when your employees are available so you can arrange meetings without conflicting with any other commitments.


5) Catch up with your employees via video call


Video calling is just one of the many powerful features that social intranets have. Not only does it allow you to speak to your remote employees through a visual format, but it ensures that your employees remain connected to the company whilst working remotely. 

Mercury social intranet allows you to set up regular team and one to one video calls with employees so that you can provide them with support and reassurance when working away from the office.

Social intranets make remote working simple.

With social intranets like Mercury, managing remote employees has never been so simple. To find out more about our social intranet and how it can improve your remote working situation contact us below.

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