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COVID-19: 5 hacks when working from home with the kids

09 Jun 2020

working from home with the kids

Can you remember the days when you used to sit daydreaming in the office about the possibility of being able to work from home? I know I did.

What first seemed like an idea that was out of reach, has become the new norm whilst we face a global pandemic.

But the biggest challenge for many of us has been the balance between work and home life. Not only are we having to work remotely, but so is the rest of your family and even your kids! 

So how is it possible to work from home and entertain your children at the same time? 

In this blog post we have put together 5 hacks when working from home with the kids so that you can maintain a happy work and home life balance.


1) Prepare the night before


Planning the night before can help you prioritise important tasks so that you can be more productive the next day. 

Giving yourself a basic framework for your days will likely add much more value to your life and you will probably start the mornings feeling less stressed and well rested.  

Using your time more efficiently will enable you to manage heavy workloads whilst looking after the children and will even leave a little more time for you! 

2) Create your own work space

Defining your workspace at home is really important when working remotely. Not only will it provide you an area where you can separate yourself from work and home life, but it will be much easier to focus on tasks. 

Now that you’re open to a lot more distractions, a dedicated space will help your concentration and creativity flow even if you have the little ones wandering around. 

Allocate an area in your home where you can set up a workstation that is not too far away from your kids and see how much more focused you become.


3) Keep organised


Not only are you playing the role as an employee, but you’re probably trying to play the role as teacher whilst you juggle homeschooling your kids.

If this is you, then at times the day can seem pretty overwhelming, especially when a deadline is due. That’s why it is crucial to stay organised. 

Implementing simple changes (like creating a to do list) will help reduce stress levels and you should feel happier and more relaxed


4) Create a schedule


There are only so many hours in a day, so to make the most out of those hours you need to create yourself a schedule. 

Creating a schedule is the best way to manage time and a great way to ensure you fit in everything you need and (want to do!) in your life. 

Not only will you be able to take control of your time, but you will find that your days will begin to have a lot more structure which will allow you to easily balance work and home life. 

5) Take advantage of nap time

Taking advantage of nap time will give you a few hours in the day where you can work without any disturbance. 

Whether your child sleeps for 30 minutes or 2 hours, utilising this time for work will enable you to make important phone calls and meet your deadlines. 

If your child doesn’t nap, try finding them other activities that will distract them for a few hours so you can spend some time finishing tasks.

Don’t forget to smile!

Working from home can be very difficult at times, especially now the whole family is also at home with us. I hope these 5 hacks will help you to create a healthier work and home life balance whilst working remotely with the kids. Remember, better times are coming so don’t forget to smile!

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