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Our docCentrum product is built on a fully secured, Document Centre which is in turn built upon SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises. This capability is extended by the inclusion of our other products; Recorder, Validator and OnBoarder.

Document Centre

Our Document Centre has the following features and benefits:

  • It’s a starter kit for Enterprise Document Management
  • It standardises Document creation, storage, retention and access processes across the organisation
  • Provides integration with the Security & Compliance Centre for Review, Retention and Security
  • Stores the Single Source of the Truth
    • Dedicated area for both Working and Published Documents
    • Documents in Fileshares, Emails, on desktops etc are no longer considered a legitimate version
    • Fully versioned and audited
    • Accessed Controlled by Permissions where appropriate
  • Compliance with Quality Standards
    • Standard, but flexible, Information Architecture
    • Restrict Edit access to only those employees with authority to upload, edit and delete documents
    • Supports ISO accreditation
    • Review cycles built in

DcoumentCentre Screenshot

Our Document Centre typically stores the following type of documents:

  • Corporate Documents everybody needs to see
    • Policies. Procedures, Process etc.
  • Corporate Documents that some people need to see and use
    • Presentations, Visio drawings and Spreadsheets that can be downloaded
  • Corporate Documents that some people should never see
    • Confidential and Legal Documents secures by permissions


The Recorder functionality allows you to

  • Track reading of corporate documents for audit purposes e.g updates to Policy, Procedures, Employee Handbooks etc.
  • Consolidates all of a staff members Mandatory and Recommended reads into one easy-to-find place
  • Mandatory or Recommended reads delivered immediately to staff members via their Intranet, Mobile Device and Document Centre views
  • Target individuals, entire SharePoint groups and AD groups to give you your day back
  • Read Receipts are stored indefinitely for every acknowledgement and accessible through Power BI and Excel
  • Admin Centre allows authorised users to add, remove or delete requests

Recorder Screen Shot


  1. Recorder requests are initiated from the Document Centre. Each Document has a button link to the Recorder Power App or Web Part
  2. A PowerApp or Web Part collects the Mandatory reads either as individuals or as groups of employees
  3. The PowerApp or Web Part then validates the request
  4. The Mandatory and Recommended Reads are then allocated to the respective employees

Recorder Process Screenshot


Recorder functionality can be embedded into your Mercury Intranet and Document Centre through Tickers and Webparts

Recorder In Mercury Screenshot


Recorder In Mercury Screenshot 2



  • Quiz users on the documents they have been sent to read
  • Reads are not considered complete until the Quiz is complete
  • Simple easy to use Quiz designer

Quizzes are displayed using Information Panels

Validator Screenshot


  • Send packs of documents for new employees to read
  • Role based setup that allows for targeting of specific types of employees

Requests are created which allow content owners e.g. HR to select new employee and their role. Documents are then assigned as Mandatory or Recommended Reads to the new employee.

OnBoarder Screenshot



The Administer functionality allows you to:

  • Control all your requests centrally
  • Request and user based functionality to add, edit and delete requests
  • The Admin Centre covers the following:
  • Create document tasks
  • Ability to create, update and delete tasks
  • Maintain Notification Templates
  • Review Sent Notifications
  • Create Quizzes

Administer screenshot