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Modern Mercury

Mercury has evolved.

But why? you ask

SharePoint has been a great platform over the years but it’s functionality and features had become a little dated and behind the times, leaving gaps for other, smaller, platform providers to nip in and try to take away what has long been SharePoint domain. The “classic” SharePoint publishing infrastructure which we used to deliver intranets is of an other era, is slow and not very flexible/

To improve the Office 365 platform, Microsoft have poured in billions of dollars make it the most secure, scalable and usable platform on the planet. Microsoft continue to invest huge amounts of effort and money into the Office 365 platform to ensure that it stays ahead of the competition. A large part of their effort has been to modernise the SharePoint Online platform and the Modern SharePoint platform is the result.

As SharePoint continues to evolve, our Mercury intranet product has had to evolve to ensure that we provide the best Digital Employee Experience through our Modern Mercury Digital Workplace.

Modern Mercury Digital Workplace brings the advanced functionality of our Classic Mercury product into the Modern SharePoint world. The modernisation of our product allows us to deliver functionality that’s just not possible in the classic SharePoint world. Functionality like :

Deep integration with the other Office 365 workloads through our configurable, personalised command bar?

Do you want your new Digital Workplace to be located in Microsoft Teams? You’ve got it! It’s incredibly simple to make this happen and your staff will thank you for it 😀

Modern Mercury features WebParts that allow your users to view the Microsoft Teams they are members of right on their Digital Workplace pages #Inception

Want your users to easily find information etc. You’ve got it! Modern Mercury has loads of great looking templates to showcase your important company documents and news.

Want to showcase your teams to allow staff to quickly find and identify key members of your teams? You’ve got it! Our Meet the Teams webpart has a number of ways to showcase those team members.

Do you want to architect your Digital Workplace to mirror your organisation and easily reconfigure as and when your organisational structure changes (an inevitability in todays world)? You’ve got it!

Intuitive, flexible page editing experience? You’ve got it!

Faster, more responsive sites and pages? You’ve got it!

Loads of advanced functionality to support a sophisticated, world beating Digital Workplace? You’ve got it!

Do you want to take advantage of  Microsoft’s continuing massive investment into the Office 365 platform and have your organisation use new Office 365 functionality as soon as your users need it? You’ve got it!

With the evolution of Mercury, you’ve got it all and more.

We will be releasing more details, with screen shots over the coming weeks – stay tuned and check back here (or signup to our newsletter to be notified of updates)

Mercury - Your Modern Digital Workplace



#ModernMercury Your new Digital Workplace is here.